About Us

I’m a mom…a mom who likes to buy adorable clothes for my toddler. It exhausted me worrying about her clothes getting stained and ruined, especially since her clothes cost twice as much as mine… you know how it goes. I would wait to get her dressed until after breakfast or would just strip her down while we ate. Often, feeling frustrated and defeated, I just let her eat in her clothes and then spent the evening scrubbing stains to save these poor sweet clothes that were covered in spaghetti sauce, ice cream…you name it. Many times the stains were there for good and the dress or shirt was done-zo. I looked everywhere for the right bib and couldn’t find one! Everything was either too small, could easily be pulled off, or was an ugly, not usable plastic smock. After hours of research, inquiring Buy/Sell/Trade Groups, and Boutique owners, I found everyone was giving me the same website …RICH KID RAGS! I was lucky enough to snag one in a B/S/T Group and packed it up for our vacation the following week. I WAS IN LOVE! Not only was it functional, it was cute! I raved to my husband and mentioned I was so sad because they were no longer being made and the company was for sale. That passing comment started our family on a new adventure… after a lot of meetings, emails, and conversations with the amazing creator of the label-savers, we made the decision to purchase RKR! I am so excited for this new adventure!


Let them eat ice cream (and spaghetti),

- Jenn